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Consider a Home Business Network Marketing Plan As the Unemployment Rate Stays High Through 2010

Despite a drop in the U.S. unemployment rate in October, it will remain at high levels.

Experts were surprised as the U.S. unemployment rate in October fell to 10.0% from a 10.2% rate in September. Just as surprising was a loss of jobs of only 11,000 workers in October after 23 months of high job losses.

The federal government puts out another set of unemployment numbers that are not widely publicized. This rate includes part time workers who are looking for full time work and also includes those who have given up looking for work. This number fell from 17.5% in September to 17.2% in October.

Most people feel that these improving numbers confirm that the economy is recovering.

But the picture is not as rosy as it may appear. There are still 15.4 million people who are trying to find jobs. A group of 11.5 million people are underemployed. In other words, they are earning less money today than before they were laid off.

When you combine these two groups, this makes a total of close to 27 million Americans who are looking for work or a better paying job. It will take many years for all of them to find jobs even if the economy grows at a rate much higher than normal. A much higher growth rate during the next several years is very unlikely. Growth will be stymied by the massive federal government deficits. These deficits will lead to higher taxes and rising interest rates that will impede any type of recovery.

Here is another factor that will keep the unemployment rate high. Many of these lost jobs will not be replaced. Other jobs will require a different skill set than before. Laid off workers will no longer be qualified if those jobs are later filled.

Many workers are holding onto their jobs but have a feeling of job insecurity. Some of these employees are sitting back and doing nothing. Others are taking control of their lives and establishing a job backup strategy. They realize that a slow recovery will not help the job picture. By setting up a job backup strategy, they protect themselves in case their family suffers a job loss or reduction in pay or hours.

Job backup strategies can consists of many different approaches. Some plans consider new vocations. Others consider buying a business. Many moms and dads are setting up plans that will eventually allow them to transition into the network marketing industry.

A good home business network marketing plan requires 3 important steps:

1. Hire a good network marketing business coach. It is not easy to transition into the network marketing industry. In fact, it can be overwhelming and confusing.
The first thing a coach will do for you is help you establish a good network marketing plan. This plan should take into account your interests, skills, and background. Having a plan that fits you will improve your chance for success.

A coach should be very familiar with all the latest, cutting edge marketing strategies. The coach should be aware of the trends in the industry. This knowledge will give you a decided advantage as you start your network marketing career.

2. A time investment is required. Your plan will require effort and a lot of hard work.

Your plan will require a real sacrifice. You will probably not be able to watch as much television as before. Some activities such as a night out with friends or going to the movies may have to be eliminated. It is very important that you have the support of your family.

You must be willing to put forth this effort and sacrifice. You must have an attitude that you will do whatever it takes.

3. Find the best network marketing training. Your coach can help you with this. Without proper training, your business will flounder. The best training will teach you in a detailed, step-by-step fashion. It will show you how to set up marketing methods and how to utilize them to get optimum results.

A home business network marketing plan provides you with an excellent job backup strategy.

There are many benefits to having a home based business. Unlimited income potential is one of those benefits, but there are many others. Be careful that you avoid hype and scams in choosing a business. Use your common sense. Businesses that sound too good to be true, probably are.

Good training will give you the knowledge you must have to succeed.

A coach is critical in providing a road map to follow. The coach is there for you and will help you when you get stuck. Believe me. That is significant. In the long run, the coach will save you time and money and will give you a much better opportunity for success.